• 1The Tomorrow Mirror and Multi-ROM with MP3 Pack. Level 1 (+ CD-ROM) , Prentis Nicola (2017)
    Jason looks in the mirror and sees a bruise under his eye. Why can't his school friends see it? Later, a ball hits him in the same eye. Now people can see the bruise - and it hurts. Jason doesn't… 658 руб

  • 2The End of Sleep , Somerville Rowan (2009)
    Fin, an Irish journalist with little more than a rumpled linen suit to his name, wakes at dawn with a fierce hangover and an excruciating bruise on his thigh. As the first prayer call of the day… 772 руб

  • 3Lottie Biggs is (Not) Desperate , Long Hayley (2010)
    Lottie Biggs is recovering from her mental disorder of a reasonably significant nature with the help of her counsellor, who rather helpfully looks like Johnny Depp. Things are looking up - her hair… 516 руб

  • 4Bitten&Smitten , Michelle Rowen (2006)
    Blind dates can be bad, but Sarah Dearly's date is a true contender for worst ever. His neck nibbling didn't just leave a bruise; it turns her into a vampire, and the newest target for a pack of… 1009 руб

  • 5Quicksand , Malin Persson Giolito (2018)
    The air is hazy and grey with gunpowder smoke. Everyone has been shot but me. I haven't got so much as a bruise... Is Maja a normal eighteen year old, the poster girl next door, popular and excelling… 847 руб